Selected papers will be extended and published in special issues of leading journals in sustainability and energy engineering (list to be confirmed):



Journal of Cleaner Production, IF=11.072, Co-EiC: C. de Almeida, Y. Wang.
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, IF=4.8, EiC: D. Reay, B. Sturm


Cleaner Energy Systems, EiC P. Seferlis, P.S. Varbanov
Energy, IF=8.857, EiC: H. Lund.



Cleaner Engineering and Technology, Co-EiC:, P. Ocłoń, Y. Liu
Discover Sustainability, IF=2.6, EiC: Walter Leal Filho
Energy Storage and Saving (ENSS) , EiC:  Qiuwang Wang